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About Ian Culley, creator of the Happyhorse Cartoon Corral and owner Mighty Pencil Press

I have been drawing funny pictures since I got my first box of crayons, Christmas 1970. I went on to graduate from Art School in 1987, and started my own company: the Mighty Pencil Drawing Club in 1989. I have worked as an illustrator, animator, and graphic designer over the years.

I discovered horses around 2002, when I took my wife Sue to her first riding lesson. This turned into my first riding lesson, then part-boarding, then owning our first horse, then our second…a very standard progression in the horse world, I’m told.

Shortly after I started to ride, I started to draw horse cartoons. They struck me as very noble, but very funny creatures with recognizable personalities. I published my first calendar of horse cartoons on a whim for a small group of friends in 2004, and have produced a new calendar every year since then. I now live with Sue, three cats, a yellow lab, and four horses on a farm in Ontario, Canada, between Ancaster, and Brantford.

This website represents the beginning of my on-line business, and my goal is to share my high quality and handcrafted horse funnies with as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible, in as many forms as possible, because when it comes right down to it, everyone needs a laugh now and then.

If you would like to contact me directly:


E-mail: press@mighty-pencil.com
Telephone: (519) 647-0398
Cell phone: (905) 399-4146
Fax: US/Canada toll free 1-800-830-1135

CANADA Mailing Address:
Mighty Pencil Press
2771 Governors Road
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US Mailing Address:
Mighty Pencil Press
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What people are saying about us...

"I received the calendars yesterday, they are absolutely wonderful! I so enjoyed looking at your artwork! Thank you so much for your donation to our little organization. It means so much to us you can't possibly imagine."
- Miaka Palmieri President, "For The Love Of A Horse"
Ontario Equestrian Federation (on our custom puzzles n' fun book):
"Our challenge was to create a fun and educational activity book...we couldn't have asked for a better final product!"
- Melissa Monardo, Marketing Manager

"A picture can say a thousand words!
Happy Horse Cartoons has given us the 'tools' needed to communicate to our customers in a very unique way.
The KAM custom cartoons, created by Ian Culley, have eliminated the need for long explanatory text and get's our message across each and every time!"  

 - Gabriele Sutton - KAM Animal Services