So long, it's been good to know you.

0 comments — posted 2016 Jun by Ian Culley

It's with a heavy heart that I'm announcing that we will no longer be publishing the Happyhorse Cartoon Corral wall calendar. To those of you who bought it, and you were very loyal year to year, Thank you for your support. Unfortunately there just weren't enough of you. As a last request I urge you to still seek out and support your local horse charity, especially The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (or the equivalent for those of you in the United States, Australia, Europe and South America.).

What's in the future? Keep an eye out for more Barn signs, Trailer decals and magnets as well as the growth of "Horse 'N Ryda" our comic strip.

Thanks again,

Ian Culley

Artist, and proprietor.

Barn Signs: Let us be your Nag.

0 comments — posted 2015 Mar by Ian Culley

Are you tired of always being the one to say: "Clean up the aisle!" or "Please, no smoking in here!" or "We love your dog(s) but please watch them around the horses." You could put up a sign, but words alone don't always get into people's minds. Our Barn Signs have a little fun while getting the message across and they are decorative, and durable. I've had a sign up in the wash stall where I ride, for the last three years and apart from the occasional wipe to get the dust off it's still hanging straight and gently reminding people to keep the wash stall clean for the next person.

Each sign now comes with two strips of very durable double sided tape.


Season's Greetings

0 comments — posted 2014 Dec by Ian Culley

With 2014 winding down, as most years do, with a riot of colour and sound and get-togethers, and more get-togethers, and greeting cards, and if I have to eat one more shortbread cookie I’m going to scream! I would like to take a moment and say thank you.


Thank you for all your comments and interest in and about my work. Thank you to all of you that made the great effort and commitment to buy a calendar or card I hope you weren’t disappointed with your purchase. Who can compete with that company that rhymes with Gamazon dot com?


I’ll admit I’m not the greatest business mind in the game, I’m much too distracted to maintain a 24/7/365, well oiled marketing machine that would generate Disneyesque profits. I’m too much like my horse Duke, who decides moment to moment what will be his greatest concern. Eat, make nasty with my neighbour, or roll in the mud. All very simple choices, for his world is marvelously clear of extraneous ideas that serve only to divert us from our path.


So in the next few days, put all of the other stuff to one side, until 2015 perhaps, and spend some time with your horse as a horse. Take away with you the simplicity of their spirit and apply it to your life. Rinse and repeat.


Have a very Happy, Merry, Silly Christmas and may your 2015 be filled with possibility and hope.


Ian Culley

Cartoonist, and horse enthusiast.

Turkey-Lurkey Sales Event!

0 comments — posted 2014 Nov by Ian Culley

Since everyone is expecting a deal this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to lower the price for single calendars to $10.50. Save 6 bucks, and everyone who orders over the next four days (until Monday) will receive free - a 2015 Barn Book! Wow!

I know! Super-duper deal - 24 cartoons for the price of 8. Now you can get that Christmas gift for your sister, or your Mom, or Great Aunt Edna.

To All our American friends, Happy Thanksgiving, and a special tip: Wear the stretchy pants to dinner.


New Art Prints!

0 comments — posted 2011 Sep by Ian Culley

 The new Art prints are finally here, just in time for the first day of fall. Have a look at the new selection, they make wonderful summer solstice gifts!

While we're on the subject of Art prints, because we're a small company we can do whatever we want, and that includes taking requests. So if you have a favorite image from calendars past that you want, send us an e-mail and we'll make an special Art print just for you.

Isn't that special? - You bet it is!

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What people are saying about us...

"I received the calendars yesterday, they are absolutely wonderful! I so enjoyed looking at your artwork! Thank you so much for your donation to our little organization. It means so much to us you can't possibly imagine."
- Miaka Palmieri President, "For The Love Of A Horse"
Ontario Equestrian Federation (on our custom puzzles n' fun book):
"Our challenge was to create a fun and educational activity book...we couldn't have asked for a better final product!"
- Melissa Monardo, Marketing Manager

"A picture can say a thousand words!
Happy Horse Cartoons has given us the 'tools' needed to communicate to our customers in a very unique way.
The KAM custom cartoons, created by Ian Culley, have eliminated the need for long explanatory text and get's our message across each and every time!"  

 - Gabriele Sutton - KAM Animal Services