Have you ever noticed that those serious colics always show up on Saturday at the end of the day, the sweet spot of the weekend? You're just about to settle into a nice meal and some time that doesn't include horses and Bam! All of a sudden at night check instead of five heads peering out at you there are only four and a set of legs flailing about in the air, and you're about to spend the next six hours walking a horse around in the dark praying for a big fart and a load of horse muffins fresh out of the oven.

Now, I know this can't be true, I'm sure that vets deal with colic at all times of the day and night, during the week and on weekends, and that they deal with emergencies during the days as well as floating teeth, and vaccinating, otherwise they would only be open at night and on weekends. But it kind of feels like it does.