Order your Barn Signs!

Spring is here, so get a little somthin'-somethin' to pretty up the place.

Spruce up your school, barn, or home with these fun, colourful signs.

( En français aussi! )

 Barn Signs

There are six to choose from in two sizes: 9" x 12" and 11" x 17"
A fun way to put up notices or reminders for everyone at your barn about keeping things tidy or safe. 



French language Barn Signs are now available for our friends in the Province of Quebec. Maintenant disponible on français pour nos amis de la belle province. 



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We can't help our charities without you!

I have been giving out over 1,500 calendars free to various charitable organizations that help horses, and therapeutic riding stables, but I can only keep doing this if you buy a calendar.
So if you like my artwork, and you want to help a few good causes then please order today.
Ian Culley
Cartoonist, and Proprietor

Also check out our greeting cards and high quality prints, as unique as you are.
I'm always interested in what you have to say, so don't be shy and  send us a quick "Hello" 
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What people are saying about us...

"I received the calendars yesterday, they are absolutely wonderful! I so enjoyed looking at your artwork! Thank you so much for your donation to our little organization. It means so much to us you can't possibly imagine."
- Miaka Palmieri President, "For The Love Of A Horse"
Ontario Equestrian Federation (on our custom puzzles n' fun book):
"Our challenge was to create a fun and educational activity book...we couldn't have asked for a better final product!"
- Melissa Monardo, Marketing Manager

"A picture can say a thousand words!
Happy Horse Cartoons has given us the 'tools' needed to communicate to our customers in a very unique way.
The KAM custom cartoons, created by Ian Culley, have eliminated the need for long explanatory text and get's our message across each and every time!"  

 - Gabriele Sutton - KAM Animal Services